07 April 2017 / Club News

Future Management of the Club

Important Announcement

As a result of the Club becoming incorporated on 3 March 2016 we have now restructured the administrative issues regarding the operation of the Club.

AGM - the first Annual General Meeting of Cardiff Harlequins RFC Ltd will be held on Tuesday 9 May at 9pm so that all players can attend after training.

At that meeting we will present the final accounts for the old Club up to 2 March 2016 and a set of Management Accounts for the Limited Company up to 28 April 2017.

The Year End of the Limited Company will now be 28 April so that the AGM can take place early in May.  This will allow for elections etc. so that everything is in place for the new season.

Management Changes

Both the Chairman and Vice Chairman will be stepping down at the AGM so both posts will need to be filled and invitations to stand are invited.

The Club has benefitted from a very substantial amount of work being done by both post holders over the last several years.  Much of this work remains unseen but vital such as dealing with the Hygiene Inspection and its repercussions, HMRC, Customs and Excise, alarm companies etc. and a multitude of other statutory bodies.  The view of the Committee is that these everyday tasks have increased to the point where it is no longer feasible for them to be adequately handled by volunteer(s) so we have to look at an alternative operational structure.

The suggestion is that the Club advertises a part time post for a person to 'manage' these tasks.  This person will also coordinate the part time employees of the club (bar staff, cleaners etc.) and handle outside promotion and bookings.  The remuneration would be based on a part time contract of employment and could include a performance related element.  Clearly the terms of that contract would have to be very specific and the Committee would have to control things like income and expenditure very strictly.

The WRU does have an annual Facilities Grant that the Club can apply for to use towards these costs.  The information from the Union is very positive in this regard and the Grant could be as much as £15,000.

The suggestion is that the Club could enter into a 12 month contract with a suitable person to assess the efficacy of such an arrangement.

The Job Description is being worked on but in the meantime all members of the Club are invited to comment on the proposals and if anyone is indeed interested in applying for the proposed post would they please contact the Chairman at

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